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Traps, Tunnels and Idols

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Bible Study | 0 comments

Traps, Tunnels & Idols


The traps, tunnels and idols blog came about when God had me deal with my own tunnel vision. Does anyone else get tunnel vision? Sometimes I get something in my head and the thought takes on a life of its own. Even pursuit of something I believe to be “of God” can get me tunnel visioned. In those moments, I start down the track and down the tunnel I go!



When this happens I am full steam ahead and can miss the warning signs from God. How often do I bypass discernment when God Himself is putting up road blocks. Can God use what I have gotten myself focused on?  Sure!  Is God in it?  Dunno!  Is it my flesh?  Is it of The Spirit? Has anyone else found themselves swirling in a tunnel of thoughts. 

I am learning I should ask more questions from the start AND as I continue the journey. My point is that our flesh can think it’s a good idea when in reality and simply put, it’s flesh!  Going back in for second, a third and even a fourth confirmation from God is key.  I can begin the journey on the right foot but then find myself following those spiritual “squirrels” and completely find myself in a trap.  Tunnels lead to traps. Traps have idols attached to them.  

Those tunnels that we found ourselves in can expose those idols that we just couldn’t let go of.  The tunnel was held such attraction because the tunnel was the lure to the idol that was hidden.  The tunnel was the trap. Oftentimes we don’t “take every thought captive” as 2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us is so important in living a Godly life.



It’s always good to check if an idol is at the root of our pursuit of a thing or it’s the Spirits desire for us to pursue it. It gets tricky friends. Idols hidden in corners of our hearts can twist, turn us and keep us from proper discernment to stay on the trek God has for us. A tunnel visioned Christian who hasn’t identified their hidden idols will not be moving forward.They will be chasing hidden idols they’ve yet to come face to face with.




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