Under The Influence

Do you ever get the feeling we’ve lost the sense of community?
Do you ever get the feeling that you are on an island unto yourself? 

God sure didn’t mean for it to be that way. His design is that women would encourage each other. Women are nurturers by design yet we find ourselves struggling through life because we’ve lost community. This is our focus here. 

Let’s talk about everyday issues that all women have struggled with at one point in their life. If you haven’t struggled with the things we will chat about here just bank up your wisdom. You’ll need it at some point. If you are twenty or you are sixty years old, there will be encouragement here for you.


Dianne King-Under The Influence

        This lady has as much spunk as she does Jesus.  She stretches me past mediocrity and encourages me to be me!  That my friend is a woman to grow from. Meet Dianne King....    ...

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2019 Surrender The Fear! Surrender The Control!

Surrender The Fear! Surrender The Control! We are two weeks into the new year and already God is rattling my chain.    I am just like every other woman pretty much. I am goal oriented as a rule a list maker.  I know most likely you are not much different.  We...

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Kara Colburn: “Under The Influence” Of Abortion

  Kara is an old soul ! Her transparency about her journey inspires me. Her life has been filled with ups and downs but she is quick to tell you of Gods redemption at the end of the roller coaster ride that has been her life.  Join this conversation between...

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Malinda: “Under The Influence” Life In Reverse

  Malinda is one of our first speakers in the Under The Influence Series. She speaks candidly about focusing on family and ministry. She hits life and death and staying in the moment. We call her a church momma! You'll definitely see why !    ...

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Awkward At First

    AWKWARD AT FIRST   Disclaimer: First of all before I even post this post I have a confession to make.  The whole night is a blur and I forgot to take pictures. I usually am all over documenting events but I totally tanked on that part of this...

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