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Unity Versus Division:

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This quick devotional did not originate with me. A great speaker spoke at our church about this passage and God took it from there! How many times have we been sitting under a speakers teaching and the Holy Spirit just runs with it.  That is what happened with this passage!! His content was great but God really started digging in some places that honestly needed exposing.  My take on it is called, “Divisiveness always leads to division”!


Unity is important in the body of Christ so that the lost world will believe!  I never made the connection between the world believing and our unity but there it is in black and white.  So what is the opposite of unity? Division is the opposite of unity.


Go with me….!

We know there is division in the world!

How could we not see it?

Are we part of the division?

Is the church divided?



God started flooding my heart with personal accountability that I would love to share with you.

God gave me a quick little acronym for divisiveness I think will help us all!