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Vodka, Wineskins and Jesus

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Vodka, Wineskins and Jesus





Recently Shane and I had the opportunity to attend an international event for a company he buys machinery from for our family business. We are usually “wined and dined” one night while we are there for the event.  This statement will mean more in just a bit. We love it and hey, it’s a little mini vacation so I am always on board. It was a 5 star restaurant.  It’s a nice gig I ain’t gonna lie.  Ok ! Let me just say I have found that “Jesus” conversations can happen anywhere.


We partook of the amazing Brazilian cuisine and because the company picks up the tab, the alcohol was flowing pretty free within the party of about 200 “ish” men.  Some get louder as the night goes on. Some get sleepier!  I always find it amusing to watch the room.  Anywho….

We are toward the end of the night, so it’s a “lit” room you could say and one of the men at the table with us leans behind Shane and says….







Now they know we are Christians!  We don’t cram it down their throat. He leans behind Shane to address me. He has a question to ask. 



Wait?  What?



I guess the free flowingness of the alcohol had brought it to mind.  I believe his choice of the night was Vodka. Hence the Vodka, Wineskins and Jesus title. 




Let me say, when I tell you I was beating the snot out of Shane’s knee underneath the table…. I was!  


Who would’ve thought that a moment to talk about Christ would come in a room crammed full of salesmen liquored up?  I wouldn’t have.


I have spent most of my life “abstaining from all appearances of evil”. Which meant if liquor came into the room I felt dirty and immediately thought I needed to run because someone would deem me a sinner by being in “smelling distance” of the sinful concoction.  


Let me tell you, we stayed and in the craziness of the moment were able to share about Christ.   A great conversation ensued.  Others at the table listened….


No! He wasn’t plastered.  

He was engaged and even asked additional questions. 


I write this blog to remind you that we have to engage with the world. You don’t have to partake in what you deem “unholy” or “unhealthy” for your life to be a part of this world.  


My lifestyle of Christ-likeness looks a lot different than it used to.  


Today I wouldn’t mind sitting in a room full of folks with liquor in their hands. It just doesn’t bother me.  It’s not a temptation for me. I like very little of it so it’s not an issue.  


For some who struggle with the consumption of alcohol, it could be a concern. As I write this blog, please keep that in mind. Don’t put yourself in a place of temptation where you know you’ll fall. This just isn’t one of those places for me. 



Years ago I would have run out of that room with shame looking feverishly to see if anyone from church had seen me.  Not today.

To sit at a table where alcohol is present isn’t an appearance of evil at all.


I know that I can be in the world but not of the world in any place God chooses to use me.  Conversations happen about Christ everywhere…even with a glass of Vodka in someone’s hand. 


I will never forget the lessons I learned that night.  


This is a life changed by one conversation over

Vodka, Wineskins and Jesus.