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Wandering or Soaring

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Bible Study | 1 comment

Wandering Or Soaring

   It occurred to me recently that wandering looks an awful lot like soaring. Those who peer into our lives may see us as struggling when the reality is much different. Have you ever noticed a bird flying by itself and perhaps thought it was lost?  We don’t think that of an eagle because we know by nature they sore alone.  I love watching an eagle. If you’ve served in ministry and heard any spattering of word you’re no stranger to the eagle and teachings around it.


Our view of an eagle as soaring is one that comes from our view of who Christ is. He glides in the sky. Yet If we saw a mouse gliding across the floor in the same manner, we would say he is wandering…. We know we are to wait on the Lord and our strength will be renewed. Eagles from our view seem to not have a care in the world. I want that kind of gliding life don’t you?  

I love Isaiah 40:31. When I wait, however labor some, I will be renewed! Labor doesn’t look like resting but it is in God. It occurred to me this morning that often times wandering and soaring look much the same to outsiders. Yep. Sit with that a while….

As you soar, folks may think you are wandering aimlessly. As you wander, others may think you are soaring. It is all perception! We soar and glide as we follow Christ. We wander only when there is no true north. As a Christian, we can both wander or soar! It’s all according if we catch His wind.


Are you soaring today?

Peace be to you! Fly high.

Not many soar there. I’m getting a picture of their view…can you even imagine?

Are you wandering today?

Ask Him to help you soar with aim on the high calling of Jesus Christ.



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