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Worn Out Woman



A worn out woman is every woman I know. Her “to do” list is always long. All the days tasks are never crossed off in one 24 hour period yet…


I dare bring out there is another reason why she is worn out. Often times it is the hidden expectations that she suffers from the most.  Those hurts and insecurities that are so deeply rooted in her heart that keep her pushing and pushing.   She’s tired but not for the reason she things she is.  It’s that internal list that wears her out the most.  


I think every person has gone through seasons of pushing and pushing to

“get a seat” at the table.

I think this comes from many different sources. I’d love to share some of them.




-For some it comes from a place of…

I’m not good enough so I’ll make myself good enough….



-For some it comes from being told they “couldn’t” all their life…



-For some it comes from the internal tape recorder that tells them they aren’t enough….



-For some it comes from the idea that I’m a nobody if somebody doesn’t see me as a somebody…..



-For some it is deeply engrained at them that they must be at the top at all times or they have no worth…



-For some it’s being told they shouldn’t so they break the glass ceilings…..



-For some it’s the self worth they receive by being the best….



-For some it’s simply about being seen as worthy to even be invited to the table…..




At the end of all the striving, whether it be for self or the recognition of men, we will find the monster of finding worth from others never seems to be fed and full.



The approval and applause of men never is satiated.


Scripture tells us we are enough in Him….

Scripture tells us we have freedom in Him………

Scripture tells us we have worth in Him.He is enough…..

Stop striving my friend…You need rest….He IS the rest…